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A social experience like no other.

A social experience like no other.

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Snibble is designed to be a social experience meant to be shared with your close friends or community.

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Stop pissing people off.

Advertise on Snibble.

Stop pissing people off.

Advertise on Snibble.

What are the reasons for people to dislike advertising, and how can it be improved?

People don’t hate advertising. They hate too much advertising. They despise having to sit through multiple pre-roll ads to watch a 45 second video. Ads that pop up over their video make them furious. And if you’re going to make people watch a badly cut in mid-roll ad, you should consider including coupons for the nearest rage room.

Why isn’t anyone stopping this insanity?

Enter Snibble, a user and advertiser friendly place without multiple pre-rolls, pop-ups or mid-roll ads. On Snibble each video only ever has one short 6 or 15 second skippable ad. That’s it. No more. Not ever. Period. End of story. That’s all she wrote. Ah, you get the point.

What are the benefits of having fewer ads on Snibble?

With fewer ads you get happier audiences. Your ads stand out more and the afore mentioned audience is more receptive to your message. What’s more, you can add value with premium placements, partnerships and branded content. This gives your ads a better chance of being shared or recommended. Which is something else only on Snibble. So there’s your choice. Drive people nuts or make them happier. We’ll drop the mic now.

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